[opencms-dev] Log-In a user programmatically

fhsubscriptions at componio.net fhsubscriptions at componio.net
Thu Sep 29 00:27:27 CEST 2016

Hi List,

how do you log-in an user programmatically without knowing his password?


1.) Submit an OAMP-Form as guest user

2.) ActionClass is triggered

3.) ActionClass logs in a predefined user and updates/creates the
session for the form submitting guest user (guest user is now predefined

4.) OAMP-Form redirects to a protected area where the just logged-in
user has access to

We have the CmsObject for the Admin user, the current HTTPServletRequest
and of course the current CmsObject for the submitting guest user.

For our SSO module we have written our own authorization handler and
generate an individual context. However this approach does not work for
the scenario above. Any hints are welcome.

Many thanks,


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