[opencms-dev] access rights messed ?! - help needed !

Thomas Schmidt t.schmidt at md-network.de
Sun Sep 18 21:54:32 CEST 2016


i have seperated a site into sections by using subsitemap with local content to give more granular permissions. Therefore i reduced permissions for group „Users“ only to „read“ and i created subsitemap where a dedicated user group has full permissions (eg. for subsitemap „A“ group „Users“ can only read, group „Usergroup-A“ has full permissions, Administrators have full permissions, for all this permissions to one subsitemap it is additionally set to over write settings from higher folders and to inherit rights to sub folders).

When I edit now a XML (e.g. text section) element as normal user, member of the group which has full access to the subsitemap , and try to publish - it is forbidden (e.g. user „Member-Of-Usergroup-A“  can edit an element of subsitemap „A“ but not publish). Checking the rights (from Explorer) it tells me that the group ( „Usergroup-A“ ) has full access _including_ publishing. 

I’m lost - especially it seem to work few week ago … 

I tried to reset all permissions to the folder and build permissions up from scratch - no change. If i check directly permissions of the XML file i edit as nomal user („Member-Of-Usergroup-A“ where group „Usergroup-A“ has full permission to the folder (inclusive override parent permissions and inherit to child folders)) i see even that the Group should have publishing rights - but still the user can’t publish. I gave even the user directly to the XML file full rights - still he cannot publish. 

The user is in role "Category editor", „Editor", "Element author“ - anything i missed here ?

I’m lost - any advises welcome - thanks a lot !


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