[opencms-dev] Opencms 10 - Opening any image gallery folder -> no image is shown !? :(

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Tue Sep 13 16:11:08 CEST 2016

hi again,
i am a little desperate..after hours of debugging i discovered the

in a fresh, newly installed Opencm 10.0.x environment, not multisite, but
served with tomcat7/java7 in a standard configuration, through port 8080,
ImageGallery problem does not occur (i can create imagegallery and/or copy
existing ones, and i can open them and i can see image thumbs through "Open
Gallery" menĂ¹ function)
while, if a reconfigure the same enviroment (mysql DB and Opencms 10.0.x
modules not touched) in una multisite configuration (pages served through
apache mod_proxy)
the problem is there (i can create new imagegalleries or copy existing
ones, but "opening them", image thumbs are not shown in the workplace!)

i have verified all apache settings and i also tried with "proxy_ajp"
technique as shown here:
and all works perfectly (no errors inside opencms.log) but the "image
gallery" problem is still present.
can anyone help me ?
Can anyone confirm that in a linux Centos6/tomcat7/java7 opencms multisite
environment, "image galleries" can be copied/created and opening them
inside workplace you can see the related image thumbs ?

thank you in advance,

2016-09-08 15:37 GMT+02:00 always.work.in.progress always.work.in.progress <
always.work.in.progress at gmail.com>:

> hi all,
> i am experiencing the following problem:
> problem description:
> Inside Workplace Explorer:
> Opening any Image Gallery folder (type "image gallery") through context
> menĂ¹ related command "Open gallery" ->pops out normal workplace window but *none
> of images present in the gallery are shown *!? :(
> (neither through manually filtering through "galleries" and picking any of
> them are shown)
> note:
> no output errors are shown in browser neither in opencms.log file
> normal .jpg images are present inside image gallery folder type (and
> clicking onto them, i can open them inside the browser)
> nothing changes if i publish or not the image gallery folder
> problem is presenting with all browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE)
> i have checked "/system/workplace/commons/open_ade_gallery.jsp" file,
> that i know is called from "Open gallery" menu command,
> and it is present.
> Environment:
> Linux Centos/tomcat/java - Opencms 10.0.0 - multisite configuration with
> apache + mod proxy as stated in http://documentation.opencms.
> org/opencms-documentation/server-installation/apache-
> webserver-configuration/
> Are there any Opencms configurations/settings/files i should check in
> order to solve the problem ?
> thanks in advance,
> A.
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