[opencms-dev] Opencms 10 - Opening any image gallery folder -> no image is shown !? :(

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Thu Sep 8 15:37:25 CEST 2016

hi all,
i am experiencing the following problem:

problem description:
Inside Workplace Explorer:
Opening any Image Gallery folder (type "image gallery") through context
menĂ¹ related command "Open gallery" ->pops out normal workplace window
but *none
of images present in the gallery are shown *!? :(
(neither through manually filtering through "galleries" and picking any of
them are shown)

no output errors are shown in browser neither in opencms.log file
normal .jpg images are present inside image gallery folder type (and
clicking onto them, i can open them inside the browser)
nothing changes if i publish or not the image gallery folder
problem is presenting with all browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE)
i have checked "/system/workplace/commons/open_ade_gallery.jsp" file, that
i know is called from "Open gallery" menu command,
and it is present.

Linux Centos/tomcat/java - Opencms 10.0.0 - multisite configuration with
apache + mod proxy as stated in

Are there any Opencms configurations/settings/files i should check in order
to solve the problem ?

thanks in advance,
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