[opencms-dev] com.alkacon.opencms.v8.formgenerator_2.0.2 uses outdated API

Thomas Schmidt t.schmidt at md-network.de
Mon Aug 22 15:56:03 CEST 2016


i would like to use the Formgenerator module. It was working nicely in my last project - however on a new server with Java 8, Tomcat 8 and OpenCMS 10.0.1 i get following exceptions:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/image/codec/jpeg/ImageFormatException rendering URL

Especially the exception points to a API change in Java.

I realized now that this was apparently fixed on GitHub - and i tried to translate the modules (v8.commons and v8.formgenerator) with some success - but when i load the Modules to OpenCMS i get following exception:

org.opencms.xml.CmsXmlException: Invalid custom widget class "com.alkacon.opencms.v8.formgenerator.CmsSelectWidgetXmlcontentType" for element "URI" in content definition "opencms://system/modules/com.alkacon.opencms.v8.formgenerator/schemas/report.xsd".

Ist here any working, compiled, v8 formgenerator module available ? or anything what i can do to fix the problem above ?

Many Thanks
Kind Regards
Thomas Schmidt

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