[opencms-dev] Which scripts are included in scripts-all.min.js?

Christian Bjørnbak cbj at touristonline.dk
Wed Jul 13 07:49:19 CEST 2016


We would like to upgrade jQuery in the apollo template to align it with the
jQuery we use in our own system that we need to integrate with OpenCMS.

With OC 9.5 the javascripts was included individually in
bootstrap-grid-page.jsp so it was easy to replace jQuery.

But in the new apollo template all javascripts are merged and minified into
scripts-all.min.js and only bootstrap, jQuery and jQuery UI is included

I can find jQuery in scripts-all.min.js but comparing it with the included
jquery.min.js I see that it is minified with another minifier as the code
is organized differently.

So search-and-replacing jQuery in script-all.min.js is no easy task.

The sourcecode for scripts-all.min.js is as the rest of the apollo module
unavailable. Is it a secret which scripts are included in
scripts-all.min.js or are you willing to share the sources so I can merge
and minify scripts-all.min.js myself?

Our other option is to downgrade our jQuery to OpenCMS'. We also use jQuery
UI and I am trying to gather if that is included in scripts-all.min.js too?

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards,

Christian Bjørnbak

Chefudvikler / Lead Developer
TouristOnline A/S
Islands Brygge 43
2300 København S
TLF: +45 32888230
Dir. TLF: +45 32888235
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