[opencms-dev] How to put whole website on under construction or maintenance

Filip Kratochvil filip.kratochvil at nelasoft.cz
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this solution can help you:


Remove read rights on the entire site (for all users - user group) + set path to page, where users will be redirected. You can do it using login.form property.





Or try to set it on front-end server (apache/balancer…).


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I have been assigned a task to put website on under maintenance for few days, I have uploaded index.html under /site/default/ and it is working fine for root(/), but other pages like home, about us are still visible if some one typed in url.


My management want to put whole website on maintenance and if someone tried to access any page then it should redirect to maintenance page.



I did research on web , but did not get any clue. 


Please help me in this regards.




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