[opencms-dev] How to put whole website on under construction or maintenance

Antonio Cordeddu antoniocordeddu at coranto.it
Thu Jun 30 20:20:48 CEST 2016

Hi Manoj,

if you want to achieve your goal by using OpenCms you can do the 
following two steps:

1) Make all the resources in expired state (Advanced --> Availability 
--> Date expired).
2) By site management add an error page (your index.html maintenance 
page) so OpenCms redirect to this page.

Hope this help you

Kind regards
Antonio Cordeddu

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On 30/06/2016 19:35, Manoj Sharma wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been assigned a task to put website on under maintenance for 
> few days, I have uploaded index.html under /site/default/ and it is 
> working fine for root(/), but other pages like home, about us are 
> still visible if some one typed in url.
> My management want to put whole website on maintenance and if someone 
> tried to access any page then it should redirect to maintenance page.
> I did research on web , but did not get any clue.
> Please help me in this regards.
> Cheers
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