[opencms-dev] OpenCms 9.5.3: auto reload after editing or adding news in a news list

Antonio Cordeddu antoniocordeddu at coranto.it
Tue May 31 10:10:54 CEST 2016

Hi Kai,

you have to test if the page was edited, as in the following piece of code:

<c:if test="${cms.edited}">
         <!-- enforce an automatical reload, when the content is edited 
or moved to another container -->

This works for me in OpenCms version 9.5.3. I hope this helps you.

Kind regards
Antonio Cordeddu

Coranto informatica di Antonio Cordeddu
antoniocordeddu at coranto.it

On 30/05/2016 20:48, Schliemann, Kai wrote:
> Hi list,
> does anybody know, how to automatically reload the current page after 
> adding or editing a news in a news list?
> I placed ${cms.enableReload} inside my news list formatter, but it 
> does not help.
> I am using 9.5.3.
> The documentation says: Placing ${cms.enableReload} somewhere in your 
> formatter will result in an automatically page reload when a content 
> is edited (or moved to a different container).
> Best regards
> Kai
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