[opencms-dev] "locale" vs. "locale available" property of file/folder?

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Betreff: Re: [opencms-dev] "locale" vs. "locale available" property of file/folder?

Does it mean, you can edit the "locale-available" entry this way:



Am 06.05.2016 um 13:22 schrieb Antonio Cordeddu:
Hi Christoph,

the locales set on "locale-available" are the locales you can edit in the edit-form.
The locale set on "locale" is the locale of the content.
I hope this help you.

Kind regards


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On 06/05/2016 12:57, Christoph Kukulies wrote:

What is the meaning of the "locale available" property compared to simply "locale"?

When I create an index.html as a HTML redirect (blue arrow symbol in 9.5.3), the
property "locale available" is set to "en" by default. Where is this default wired? Can I simply change this to "de"?

When I edit folders in the sitemap or files they seem to have (under unused properties) not "locale", but "locale available".

What is the difference between the both? Confusing.
Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies kukulies (at) rwth-aachen.de


Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies kukulies (at) rwth-aachen.de
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