[opencms-dev] OpenCMS8 workspace login problem

Filip Kratochvil filip.kratochvil at nelasoft.cz
Thu Apr 28 13:39:13 CEST 2016

I think it’s something with session.


We had similar problem and we resolved it by adding following line in to the /META-INF/context.xml config:


<Context sessionCookiePath="/" sessionCookieDomain="www.yourworkplacedomain.com" />


This settings isn’t necessary, but it depends on your Apache configuration.


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we copied the opencms sources (webapps folder) from the old server (with tomcat6) to the new (tomcat7), but after my login at

http://opencms8_two.test.de/system/login.html in the new opened browser-window i got the login screen again (URL: http://opencms8_two.test.de/system/login/index.html?requestedResource=%2Fsystem%2Fworkplace%2Fviews%2Fworkplace.jsp <http://opencms8_two.test.de/system/login/index.html?requestedResource=%2Fsystem%2Fworkplace%2Fviews%2Fworkplace.jsp&__loginform=true> &__loginform=true).


I found only these line in opencms.log:

Successful login of user "/aEntw": Request from IP using uri "/system/login/index.html".


What can be wrong?




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