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you use database and module import in the administration, is it right? I think there is no „easy way“ how to solve your scenario – deleted files are not checked during export/import.


-          you can delete all files in selected structure on the production server right before you will start import new data from test

-          you can do it at the system/database layer - mirror your test server to production (it can be difficult, if you have same data on production that can’t be overwriten from test)

-          use Alkacon’s OCEE Cluster package http://www.alkacon.com/en/products/ocee/cluster_package/index.html - i think it’s easiest wayJ

-          develop your own modules


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I have two servers , test server and real server. I created one site with opencms in test server and moved to the real server. After that, I updated something in test server, then I moved again. The importing of modules are all fine. The problem is that when I import the database, it do overwrites but the deleted files that I deleted in test server are not automatically deleted in real server. I have to delete one by one manually. Is there a way not to delete one by one manually or how can we know which files are deleted in test server?

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