[opencms-dev] OpenCMS 10 Explorer - Open File in new tab/browser

Alex Kandzior alex at opencms.org
Mon Apr 18 12:05:48 CEST 2016


thanks for your feedback.

> I am still using template technology from OpenCMS 7.5. The sorting feature of the new explorer was to good to not use it, so we switched now.  I just learned how to enable ADE and now I have the top-toolbar also if I view a file, however not for all filetypes (only template driven files).
> I will convert to containers now and check the "look-and-feel", but I am pretty sure, that I still would like to have an option, to open a file in a new browser window. What about this: Add a "open in new browser" entry to the context menu?

It’s something we will probably add to 10.0.1, most likely as a key shortcut.

> Any idea how to speed up opencms 10? It is much slower in the backend than 7.5 (on the same server) -  Java can use up to 4GB Ram (12GB in total) and we have 4 real cores at 2.3GHz. Going into the workplace takes long, and switching between page, sitemap and explorer takes about the same (long) time.

Well on our machines (servers and workstations) the new OpenCms 10 workplace is rather fast. We also have updated some pretty big customer installations to 10 and no-one reported this problem so far.

Is your server load very high or the internet connection slow? If not, this should be a browser config issue. Make sure your browser caches the JS / CSS files required for the OpenCms workplace, they are pretty big but should be loaded only once.

> I have found a few bugs, should I report them here, or on github?

Please report all issues on GitHub only.



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