[opencms-dev] Opencms 8 - Questions about the right approach for developing a site

gnorrus at libero.it gnorrus at libero.it
Sat Jun 23 16:28:08 CEST 2012


I have some questions about OpenCMS 8

I read tutorial and understand the concept of container and formatters

But I have some problem in starting a site from the beginning

I want to create a very simple site, an homepage and an internal page

I created the template with containers. The containers are areas where is 
possible to place different resources with drag&drop, for example events, news, 
news archive etc...
These resources are stuctured contents (xsd) where is possible to define more 
formatters (jsp pages with tag <cms:formatter>), in order to have that 
structured content displayed in different ways with different html. So I don't 
have to duplicate the news xsd because it can have more formatter, so I can use 
the same "News" structured content in every site inside the same instance of 

After creating template I created a container page. I see a .content folder 
generated automatically. Inside this folder I see some folders (news, events 
I suppose that all news, events, news list, news event will be created inside 
these folders. 

But now I can't understand how to make all these elements (templates, 
containers, formatters, container page, etc...) works together

In the basic installation i see a .content folder of type "Sitemap Content 
Inside it I see a .config resource that contains link to the 3 container pages 
inside .new folder. What does it means? Means that these are the pages that a 
user can create (from the sitemap)? So these pages are a sort of "Templates 

I tried to create a v8list resource for News archive and tried to add this 
resource to a page. But when I open the page, I see no news(I have 3) because 
(I suppose) I have to tell it, in some ways, which formatter to use. Is this 
correct? If yes, where I can say that?

In other words, can someone tell me what is the right approach for creating a 
very simple template and in which order to create templates, containers, 
formatter, .config files, .config folder, .new folder (inside .config folder) 
and how to make them works togheter please?

Thanks for your help

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