[opencms-dev] error unlocking resource

Giedrius Tumelis giedriustum at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 09:41:59 CEST 2012

I am using opencms 7.5.x

There a resource, which I want to delete, but get message, that they
are locked; and I see the lock icon in the opencms manager. But when I
want to unlock the resources, I get an error message:

The following resources were not unlocked:
Error unlocking resource
by current user "Admin" - Resource
is not locked by current user "Admin".

When I try to delete the resource, I get a window with a message at bottom :
"The operation can not be executed since there are resources locked by
other users."
In the middle of the window there is a table where in one column
"Name" is "123_test_booking_request1337931907716.html", and in another
"Locked by" is "Admin".

So the resource is unlocked and locked in the same time???

Help is appreciated.
Regards ..

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