[opencms-dev] CmsResourceCollector file name filter

Leo Ruggeri lruggeri at maticad.it
Fri Jun 15 11:35:57 CEST 2012


reading documentation and searching the web i found many examples like this
about using collectors:

<cms:contentload collector="allInFolderPriorityDateDesc"

|5" editable="true">


It is supposed to filter resources by type and filename (NOT ONLY folder

However, looking at the source code of OpenCms 8, for  example

You see the part "article_%(number).html" is always ignored. The count
filter is applied after the resources are fetched from the db.


The question is:

1.       If I'm not understanding how it works, please correct me

2.       Is it possible to filter resources of the same type by their name
BEFORE they are fetched from the db?


Bye, Leo





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