[opencms-dev] OpenCMS Menu - Browser back button focus issue

Paul-Inge Flakstad flakstad at npolar.no
Wed Jun 13 16:30:18 CEST 2012

Hi Andreas,

Looks like the last clicked link's "outline" style is still present after skipping back in the browser.

Try adjusting the CSS. (outline:none;)


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Has nobody got an idea?

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I found an error on the focus settings.

1.       Select a menu entry

2.       Select another menu entry

3.       Press browser's back button

The focus remains on the previously selected menu entry. The expected behaviour would be that the focus is moved to the active menu entry.

This can be reproduced here (you see the problem by using a submenu): http://demo.opencms.org/ in combination with Firefox & IE.

Do you have a solution for this?

Best regards,
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