[opencms-dev] SelectBoxes in OAMP Webform 1.4.1

Paul-Inge Flakstad flakstad at npolar.no
Wed May 30 15:11:09 CEST 2012

Hi again Tobias,

I just realized you can probably use the "Dynamic" field for a countries drop-down in OAMP Webforms. Have a look at the docs, I think all you need is a class that implements a particular interface. It's likely the easiest approach, and more modular too - it will be like an add-on to the module.

What I wrote was for my own forms module, not Alkacon's, so I'm using my own packages there.

I don't know if there's any best practice when extending/modifying these "standard" modules, but I've usually used the original package myself (downloaded the source, modified it to my needs and then built new replacement JARs).

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Thanks, Paul.

So you kind of "registered" your new class or just created the class CmsSelectionField in package com.alkacon.opencms.formgenerator in your own classes folder?

Thanks as well for the prepared list of countries.


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Hi Tobias,

The easiest approach is perhaps to write your own input type class.

I just did this for another form module. Creating the class was straight-forward; just a matter of extending the select class and overriding a method or two. The difficult part was obtaining a list of countries.

Many online generators will produce a list of "countries" for you, but they will include much more than what we normally refer to as "countries". (For example: Svalbard and Bouvet Island are not commonly referred to as countries, since they're both part of Norway.)

What you probably want is a list of *sovereign states*. I found no generator for this, so I ended up with the tedious work of checking each "country" manually... I'll save you the same boredom. Here's the list I ended up with:

(Stored in workplace.properties / messages.properties, and used as a basis in my countries drop-down class)

DATA_COUNTRIES_0 = AF:Afghanistan|AL:Albania|DZ:Algeria|AD:Andorra|AO:Angola|AG:Antigua and Barbuda|AR:Argentina|AM:Armenia|AU:Australia|AT:Austria|AZ:Azerbaijan|BS:Bahamas|BH:Bahrain|BD:Bangladesh|BB:Barbados|BY:Belarus|BE:Belgium|BZ:Belize|BJ:Benin|BT:Bhutan|BO:Bolivia|BA:Bosnia and Herzegovina|BW:Botswana|BR:Brazil|BN:Brunei|BG:Bulgaria|BF:Burkina Faso|BI:Burundi|KH:Cambodia|CM:Cameroon|CA:Canada|CV:Cape Verde|CF:Central African Republic|TD:Chad|CL:Chile|CN:China|CO:Colombia|KM:Comoros|CG:Congo, Republic of the (Congo-Brazzaville)|CD:Congo, The Democratic Republic of The (Congo-Kinshasa)|CK:Cook Islands|CR:Costa Rica|CI:Cote D'ivoire|HR:Croatia|CU:Cuba|CY:Cyprus|CZ:Czech Republic|DK:Denmark|DJ:Djibouti|DM:Dominica|DO:Dominican Republic|EC:Ecuador|EG:Egypt|SV:El Salvador|GQ:Equatorial Guinea|ER:Eritrea|EE:Estonia|ET:Ethiopia|FJ:Fiji|FI:Finland|FR:France|GA:Gabon|GM:Gambia|GE:Georgia|DE:Germany|GH:Ghana|GR:Greece|GD:Grenada|GT:Guatemala|GN:Guinea|GW:Guinea-Bissau|GY:Guyana|HT:Haiti|VA:Vatican City State (Holy See)|HN:Honduras|HU:Hungary|IS:Iceland|IN:India|ID:Indonesia|IR:Iran|IQ:Iraq|IE:Ireland|IL:Israel|IT:Italy|JM:Jamaica|JP:Japan|JO:Jordan|KZ:Kazakhstan|KE:Kenya|KI:Kiribati|KP:Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North)|KR:Korea, Republic of|XK:Kosovo|KW:Kuwait|KG:Kyrgyzstan|LA:Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)|LV:Latvia|LB:Lebanon|LS:Lesotho|LR:Liberia|LY:Libya|LI:Liechtenstein|LT:Lithuania|LU:Luxembourg|MK:Macedonia|MG:Madagascar|MW:Malawi|MY:Malaysia|MV:Maldives|ML:Mali|MT:Malta|MH:Marshall Islands|MR:Mauritania|MU:Mauritius|MX:Mexico|FM:Micronesia, Federated States of|MD:Moldova, Republic of|MC:Monaco|MN:Mongolia|ME:Montenegro|MA:Morocco|MZ:Mozambique|MM:Myanmar|NA:Namibia|NR:Nauru|NP:Nepal|NL:Netherlands|NZ:New Zealand|NI:Nicaragua|NE:Niger|NG:Nigeria|NU:Niue|NO:Norway|OM:Oman|PK:Pakistan|PW:Palau|PS:Palestine|PA:Panama|PG:Papua New Guinea|PY:Paraguay|PE:Peru|PH:Philippines|PL:Poland|PT:Portugal|QA:Qatar|RO:Romania|RU:Russia|RW:Rwanda|KN:Saint Kitts and Nevis|LC:Saint Lucia|VC:Saint Vincent and The Grenadines|WS:Samoa|SM:San Marino|ST:Sao Tome and Principe|SA:Saudi Arabia|SN:Senegal|RS:Serbia|SC:Seychelles|SL:Sierra Leone|SG:Singapore|SK:Slovakia|SI:Slovenia|SB:Solomon Islands|SO:Somalia|ZA:South Africa|SS:South Sudan|ES:Spain|LK:Sri Lanka|SD:Sudan|SR:Suriname|SZ:Swaziland|SE:Sweden|CH:Switzerland|SY:Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)|TW:Taiwan|TJ:Tajikistan|TZ:Tanzania|TH:Thailand|TL:Timor-leste (East Timor)|TG:Togo|TO:Tonga|TT:Trinidad and Tobago|TN:Tunisia|TR:Turkey|TM:Turkmenistan|TV:Tuvalu|UG:Uganda|UA:Ukraine|AE:United Arab Emirates|GB:United Kingdom|US:United States|UY:Uruguay|UZ:Uzbekistan|VU:Vanuatu|VE:Venezuela|VN:Vietnam|YE:Yemen|ZM:Zambia|ZW:Zimbabwe

Best regards,

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I'd like to fill selectbox-options with a country list, without entering all countries in the field "Default value".
Is there an easy possibility, or do I have to patch the class CmsSelectionField?


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