[opencms-dev] Static export cmslink not working as expected

Jose Ignacio Yarza jiyarza at opensistemas.com
Tue May 29 10:28:42 CEST 2012

Hi list,

We have a  JSP that generates the html for a custom xml content type 
detail page. After being published, opencms automatically performs the 
static export of the html page, using that JSP. We have a problem with 
an img that is not rendering the correct path:

<img class="detail" src="<cms:link><cms:contentshow 

 From within opencms the image works fine, we obtain this html fragment 
pointing correctly to the image resource:

<img class="detail" 

But the exported html file shows an unexpected path:

<img class="detail" 
Detail ???"/>

Other xml fields are correctly rendered, but for some reason that I 
don't know this cmslink is not working in the static export.

Any idea about what could be wrong in there?

Thank you so much.

Jose Ignacio Yarza
649 157 537
Open Sistemas

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