[opencms-dev] Direct edit not working properly in IE8 after upgrading from OpenCms6 to OpenCms8

Mathias Lin mail at mathiaslin.com
Fri May 25 11:08:19 CEST 2012

I've upgraded an intranet site from OpenCms6 to v8.0.4; afterwards the
direct edit mode doesn't work in IE8 properly anymore, only in FF.
Worked ok before though in OpenCms6.

Issues are:

* the icons for the direct edit top bar looks a bit misplaced in IE8,
* the options layer that opens, when you click on the right button in
the direct edit bar, doesn't open to the bottom, but (if at all, can't
really tell) to the top, which is outside the visible area of the
* there's no pen-icon appearing to the left when clicking on the
OpenCms-logo-icons (as in Firefox); furthermore the OpenCms-logo-icon
disappears when hovering over it.

refer to this screenshot:

Is this a known/common issue?


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