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Hein van der Kallen hvanderkallen at xs4all.nl
Tue May 22 21:39:43 CEST 2012

as far as I understand it now: 
I downloaded all alkacon modules on 22-5-2012 from github.
In the github from alkacon there were two modules:
The last one is obviously new, but I doubt that it is meant to be used already:
it is not in all-Modules.properties and it has pages and no formatters. 
I succeeded in compiling it , but not in loading in. 

The first one compiles to com.alkacon.opencms.documentcenter_1.0.2.
( so it is basically the opencms 7 module).
But it works the same in opencms 8.0.4.

Neither module states that it is dependent on template3. 

The important thing is : don't use property 
template = /system/modules/com.alkacon.opencms.v8.template3/templates/main.jsp
where you don't want to use template3. 
I suppose that you have that property in /sites/default/ ( as i had) and the property then inherits to everything below /sites/default/ 

A module like com.alkacon.opencms.v8.photoalbum has formatters and no pages.
In its current form it can be used only in a ADE compliant template , but the module is not template3 dependent. 

I think that com.alkacon.opencms.documentcenter_1.0.2. can only be used combined with an (old-style)  non-ADE compliant template 

Hein van der Kallen

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  Hi all,


  Anyone out there using the Alkacon Document Centre module? Should it work with the latest version of OpenCms?


  After installing it I get the following error when trying to access the index page within the DocCenter directory:


  "index.html is not of required type XML content"


  Any ideas how to fix this? I also noticed that there is a dependency on Template3 on this module. Is this dependency mandatory or would it be possible to use your own templates instead?


  Thanks for any advice already in advance.








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