[opencms-dev] Upgrading OpenCms 6.2.3 -> OpenCms 8.0.4, confusing readme.txt

Mathias Lin mail at mathiaslin.com
Mon May 14 14:18:33 CEST 2012

On http://www.opencms.org/en/modules/downloads/dl-opencms-8.0.4-upgrade-wizard.html
it says, the upgrade wizard works also for OpenCms 6.2.3 -> OpenCms
8.0.4, however, after downloading the upgrade wizard and looking into
the readme.txt, it only says about "Instructions for updating OpenCms
7.x and 8.0.x to OpenCms 8.0.4" in the headline, and further down
"Follow the following steps to update from OpenCms 7.x and 8.0.x to
OpenCms 8.0.4:", but nothing's mentioned about 6.2.3.

That's a bit confusing - does it mean it won't work for 6.2.3 straight
away and I need to use another (earlier version of the) upgrade wizard
prior to 8.0.4, and then run the upgrade wizard 8.0.4?
For example use an upgrade wizard to update from v6 to v7, then use
this latest upgrade wizard to update from v7 to v8 ?


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