[opencms-dev] Internet Explorer bug

Tobias Karrer tobias.karrer at virtual-identity.com
Mon May 7 12:40:30 CEST 2012

Tobias Herrmann <t.herrmann <at> alkacon.com> writes:

>     Hi Roberto,
>     I assume you are using IE9?! That version is not supported yet,
>     mostly due to incompatibility of the FCKEditor component. We are
>     going to replace that with the upcoming major release of OpenCms 8.5
>     next year. Until then I am afraid you need to use either IE7 or IE8
>     or preferably Firefox or Chrome.
>     Greetings, Tobias
>     Am 01.12.2011 17:30, schrieb Roberto Luceri:
>     With
>       OpenCms 8.2 editing content on the internet explorer does not work
>       ... I attach the error image

Hi Tobias,

OpenCms 8.0.4 switched to TinyMCE editor, but IE9 support still will not be
implemented until 8.5?


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