[opencms-dev] Allow users to delete resources and break relations

Eric Largacha Bendsen eal at kb.dk
Thu May 3 10:19:25 CEST 2012

Hi ,

Thanks for the answer,  but “template developer” also come as a dependency, and “VFS Doctor” from OCEE also becomes available.
Is it possible to just allow deleting of resources ignoring break links without the other permitions?

“workplace user” role seems to already have “VFS resource manager” as dependency shouldn’t that means that is included?

Thanks in anvance

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you can assign the "VFS resource manager"-Role for this user.

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Betreff: [opencms-dev] Allow users to delete resources and break relations

When a unprivileged user tries to delete a resource a check is done for broken relations and the message is send to the user:
You are not allowed to delete the selected resources since that would break one or more relations.

Is it possible to give some/all user that possibility without giving them administrator role?

Thanks in advance.



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