[opencms-dev] Add Header doesn't work

Kunicke, Holger holger.kunicke at av-studio.de
Thu Apr 26 10:23:57 CEST 2012


I support the question because I too often come across this problem.

My not professional solution for this issue is to create links for every 
supported content type. For example:

At request time the script decide dynamical to which link it redirect.

Regards Holger

Am 26.04.2012 10:00, schrieb Carsten Wilhelm:
> Hi,
> I'm using the Formgenerator module and try to download the data using the 
> standard export function.
> After choosing start and enddate I get the exported CSV data within the same 
> browser window, Content-Type is text/html.
> Playing around it seems that the changes to the Response headers doesn't seem 
> to be working. Is it possible that some content was already sent by OpenCms 
> and therefore no modifications to the HTTP headers are possible any more?
> Same for redirects.
> Is there any way to cache output, so that I can change http headers from own 
> modules or dynamic functions?
> Currently we haven't changed anything on the flex cache settings - everything 
> is exactly the same as in standard installation.
> Kind regards,
> Carsten

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