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Regarding 1) the answer is yes, quality is only used for JPEGs.


Regarding 2): This issue has been fixed in 8.0.4! Up to 8.0.3 the image is
in fact re-rendered even if the input and output dimensions are identical,
resulting in a different file size and maybe some additional loss in
quality. This is not longer so in 8.0.4.


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Dear list,


urgent questions concerning image scaling (OpenCms 8.0.3):


1)     Is it right, quality parameter for image scaling works only for


2)     I uploaded an image with dimensions 230x441 and size of 182KB.
When linking it with parameters “?__scale=w:230,h:411” (so keep its
dimensions) it is 237KB big..


Kind of bug or what’s the problem?!?




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