[opencms-dev] Downloading and compiling source code

Alberto Gallardo argrico at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 16:18:19 CEST 2012

Dear List,

I have recently downloaded the OpenCms core source (https://github.com/
alkacon/opencms-core) and the corresponding modules-v8 extension source

I'm a bit confused as when it comes to building the project: it seems
    - I have to copy all "alkacon/modules-v8/modules" directories under
    - and all "alkacon/modules-v8/src-modules" under "alkacon/opencms-

This is all good and it works building from the command-line (ant), but...
I cannot git-track changes anymore!

My current dir hierarchy looks like this:

     +--alkacon-oamp // git-cloned "alkacon/alkacon-oamp"
     +--OpenCms      // git-cloned "alkacon/opencms-core"
     |   +--...      // original dirs
     |   +--modules
     |   |   +--...  // original modules
     |   |   \--modules-v8  // copied from "alkacon/modules-v8/modules"
     |   |
     |   +--src-modules
     |       +--org      // original dir
     |       \--com      // copied from "alkacon/modules-v8/src-modules"
     +--modules-v8  // git-cloned "alkacon/modules-v8"
     \--BuildCms    // generated after "ant" ...

Am I missing something? How should the code be structured?

Thanks and best regards,


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