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Carsten Wilhelm wilhelm at bplusd.de
Tue Apr 3 15:34:44 CEST 2012


Foundone thing: content types re-appear in the ADE if I switch back the locale from "de_DE" to "en" on the .config file in my module. Since I haven't got any "en" locale in my configuration, I'm no longer able to edit the .config using the editor in the OpenCms Explorer.

Sounds like bug to me - ADE doesn't seem to recognize  the correct locale?

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I'm using 8.0.3 and had some strange effects using locales.

We have developed the complete site with the default locale "en" from installation, although it's a german website.
Then we stopped tomcat, added "de_DE" as new default locale and restartet tomcat. No content at all (which seems to be correct)
After thatwe tried to change the locale using the content tools from "en" to "de_DE" - doesn't work. XML sourcecode contained language="en" for all files afterwards.
We changed the XML code using syncronisation and search&replace - after that content was visible again.

Two remaining problems still there:

1)      Although we have onl ydefined a locale "de_DE", we have two locales in the dropdown menus ("German (Germany)" and "German).
Does anybody know where the second locale came from?

2)      All our modules no longer occur in the list of new content in ADE. Editing existing content still works, though.
Does anybody know what could have happened here?

Kind regards,
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