[opencms-dev] Problem understanding API of FCKEditor config in OpenCMS 7

Kunicke, Holger holger.kunicke at av-studio.de
Mon Apr 2 15:28:13 CEST 2012


my primary target is to activate the "Link" function in fckeditor for an 
xmlcontent type. I don't mean the link button which is actived when I add 
",link" to the configuration attribute in the xsd schema. I mean the extra link 
button which is available in the xmlpage editor (button with a litte world image 
in the background). I'm using OpenCMS 7.0.5 .

My current working fall back plan is, to force replacing the string "oc-link" 
with "oc-link","Link"  in the jsp script 

// old code:
FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["OpenCmsWidget"] = [
<%= toolbar %>

// new code:
FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["OpenCmsWidget"] = [
<%= toolbar.toString().replaceFirst("\"oc-link\"","\"oc-link\",\"Link\"") %>

But I don't want to live permanently with this unprofessional solution. I have a 
problem to understand this line in the script above:

if (CmsFCKEditorWidget.buildOpenCmsButtonRow(toolbar, configuration)) {

The variable toolbar is of type StringBuffer. But in the API documentation and 
also in the source code the method name buildOpenCmsButtonRow is only 
implemented in two variants:
A_CmsHtmlWidget.html.buildOpenCmsButtonRow(org.opencms.widgets.I_CmsWidgetDialog, java.lang.String)

Then java.lang.StringBuffer would have to implement 
org.opencms.widgets.I_CmsWidgetDialog ? This can't be real???

I would expect the variant buildOpenCmsButtonRow(java.lang.StringBuffer, 
java.lang.String) but don't found this.

Can anyone explain me where my understanding switches off ?

Kind Regards

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