[opencms-dev] OpenCms 8 & fmt:message displaying ???mykey???

Sandrine Prousteau s.prousteau at eurelis.com
Fri Jun 24 10:19:09 CEST 2011

Hi all,


I'm trying to use <fmt:message> tag in my formatters jsp, and I get "???
mykey ???" display...

Is there someone who can help me?


I'm on OpenCms8.0.0.

My code is :


<%@page buffer="none" session="false" taglibs="c,cms,fn,fmt" %>

<cms:formatter var="content" val="value">

<div class="webform">

<c:set var="loc"><cms:property name="locale" file="search"/></c:set>

<fmt:setLocale value="${loc}" />

<fmt:bundle basename="com.mymodule.opencms.website.messages" >

form.init.error.headline = <fmt:message key="mykey" />





I have a file published in my module : 




containing :


mykey = My label


Where is my mistake please?

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