[opencms-dev] OpenCms 8 Understanding

Sandrine Prousteau s.prousteau at eurelis.com
Fri Jun 17 15:35:49 CEST 2011

OK it works fine now with these parameters!
Thanks a lot!

Do you have ideas about my question 2?
Must we set formatters definitions in the sitemap.config, although we set it in the xsd? Are the parameters minwidth and maxwidth mandatory? In which cases an element registered in a container have no display?

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Hello Sandrine,

I investigate the first question a bit, it seems there is an issue with module parameter for sitemap config in OpenCms 8.0.0. If you want to use it, please configure following two module parameters and restart OpenCms:


Both parameters should show to the same configuration. It seems that there was something missed during refactoring for OpenCms 8. The issue will be fixed in one of the next releases. So far both parameters have to be set, if the resource type configuration of the module should be used.

I hope this works for you.

Kind Regards,

Polina Smagina

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Am 17.06.2011 11:42, schrieb Sandrine Prousteau:
> Thanks for your answer.
> 1) Available resource types in a site:
> The first possibility is working fine.
> I'd like to try the second on: I empty the property "config.sitemap" on my site folder (I don't dlete the file /_config/sitemap.config). My module in /system/modules contains a file /_config/sitemap.config of type sitemap_config. My module have the parameter "config.sitemap=/system/modules/mymodule/_config/sitemap.config". I restart Tomcat. I preview a container page under my site folder. The ADE add dialog is empty... Nothing in opencms.log.
> 2) Drag and drop content:
> In the T3  module, for example Article, when I click left on the jsp /elements/side.jsp, I get the error:
> javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: org.opencms.main.CmsException: Error 
> while reading element bean from request Nothing in opencms.log.
> Im my module, my containerpage_template (/templates/main.jsp) contains :
> <!-- begin: right column -->
> <div id="col3">
>    <div id="col3_content" class="clearfix">
>    <!-- define container on the right side -->
>    <cms:container name="rightcontainer" type="small" width="240" 
> maxElements="8" /> </div> </div>
> <!-- end: right column -->
> <!-- begin: center column -->
> <div id="col2home">
>    <div id="col2home_content" class="clearfix">
>    <!-- define container in the center -->
>    <cms:container name="centercontainer" type="small" width="720" maxElements="6" />
>    <cms:container name="centercontainer2" type="small" width="720" maxElements="2" />
>    <cms:container name="centercontainer3" type="small" width="720" maxElements="2" />
>    </div>
>    <div class="clear"> </div>
> </div>
> <!-- end: center column -->
> In my xsd, I set for example :
> <formatters>
>    <formatter type="*" 
> uri="/system/modules/mymodule/elements/teaserimage/default.jsp" 
> searchcontent="true" /> </formatters>
> Must we use minwidth and maxwidth?
> 3) Locales:
> It seems to work now. I can see French element in a container page with "locale" property "fr" on the container folder.
> But I notice I have a meta like this :<meta content="locale=en" name="gwt:property">  generated by ADE tag. What is it?
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> Hello Sandrine,
> 1) Available resource types in a site:
> The resource types which can be selected via ADE add dialog and drag&dropped to the container page do not depend on the template property.
> This resource types have to be configured in the sitemap configuration file. The path to this file has to be set in the property "config.sitemap" on you sub sitemap or on the site folder. This is one way to configure resource types.
> The other posibility is to define the resource types inside of the module. In that case set the path to the sitemap config of the module as a module parameter and restart OpenCms. If you did so you can export the module and import it on another OpenCms, after the restart the configured resource types will/should be directly available in the new system. However If you add a sitemap config for the same resource types inside your site, it will overwrite the configuration of the module.
> So normally you can choose one of the above possibilities to configure the resource types.
> 2) Drag and drop content:
> Does the formatter jsp of the resource types, which cannot be dropped 
> into containers compile? If you just click on the formatter jsp, there 
> should not be any syntax errors. Please also check the log file for 
> possible errors.
> How did you configure the container inside of the templates? Did you 
> set the type and width? Did you use the minwidth and maxwidth 
> attributes for the formatter configuration?
> 3) Locales:
> Please give some details how do you localize the site and describe the 
> steps you did in more details.

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