[opencms-dev] Flex cache and multiple parameters values

Kunicke, Holger holger.kunicke at av-studio.de
Thu Jun 16 13:11:49 CEST 2011

Additional notice:
for the solution with one url parameter and delimiters, you can sort the 
categories to optimize the memory usage of flexcache


Am 16.06.2011 11:35, schrieb Kunicke, Holger:
> Hello Paul,
> Your guess with the "workaround" solution sounds the best. In some situatiuons 
> I make it so.
> Depending on the numbers of multiple categories, a solution would be to use 
> more parameters: "cat1", "cat2", ...
> Regards
> Holger
> Am 15.06.2011 15:05, schrieb Paul-Inge Flakstad:
>> ...
>> The problem arise when the list is filtered using multiple categories. 
>> The URLs for such lists look like this:
>> 2)    mysite.com/en/list.html?cat=/category/one/&cat=/category/two/
>> With the cache property set to "params=(cat)", flex cache only considers the 
>> first "cat" parameter, producing the same output as for 1). Only the 
>> first "cat" parameter is considered.
>> To cache the initial page, I've set the cache property to "no-params=(cat)" 
>> -- I was unable to find any other solution.
>> Is there any way to accomplish what I want with flex cache?
>> (PS I am aware of the workaround solution; using a delimiter character to 
>> separate categories and having a single parameter string for "cat", but I was 
>> hoping to avoid that one.)
>> Best regards,
>> Paul

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