[opencms-dev] Login User not found in Database

Christian Funken c.funken at vucx.de
Thu Jun 9 10:48:37 CEST 2011

Hello there.

I'm currently trying my hands on a very basic frontend login script. All 
that is required is a login + redirect and I have found plenty of online 
resources to help me realize this.
However, the login simply will not work. It always throws an exception, 
claiming that the user was not found.

It looks like this:
javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: javax.servlet.ServletException: 
org.opencms.db.CmsDbEntryNotFoundException: User "C.Funken" was not found.
  Reason: org.opencms.db.CmsDbEntryNotFoundException: User "C.Funken" 
was not found.
  Reason: User "C.Funken" was not found.

I tried this with multiple users on both the Online and Offline versions
The standart login ( the one for the backend ) works fine with all those 

The login script boils down to reading some request parameters and these 
2 lines:

cmsObject.loginUser(user, password);

Is there something I need to do or configure before this can work?

- Christian Funken

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