[opencms-dev] Spurious total hangs because of >=1023 rows in CMS_RESOURCE_LOCK?

Philipp B├╝hler doublefips at googlemail.com
Thu May 26 17:12:18 CEST 2011


we experience an effect where OpenCms becomes completly unresponsive on
either http or ajp connector.

Most of the time there's an entry in the log about writing database locks
(CMS_RESOURCE_LOCK) up to "1023" - after the that the webcontainer
is just "dead".
It might be correlated between massive session create/destroy plus
some chunks (5-20 html pages or so).

Is there some certain limit on the internal representation of that table?
1023 just soo rings a bell about some type "exhausting" at 1024 :)

I tried to remove the Lockhistory via DB-Admin-page, but a select count(*)
still reveiled 1023 rows. Alas I removed the rows by SQL directly and we are
trouble-free right now.

Any shed of light is appreciated.
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