[opencms-dev] RES: RES: Search index locked (maybe)

Jeniffer Bastos de Souza jeniffer.souza at itlab.com.br
Thu May 19 19:41:47 CEST 2011

The happiness last for a few minutes.

The main search still not working.

Testing offline (only me searching) it was ok.

But when I put it online it crashes again.

I created another index, another source, field, all. Then, by code, I changed to the main search use my buscaPrincipalOnlineTESTE and buscaPrincipalOfflineTESTE (both new indexes) and the problem show up again, Tomcat with several main search requests and not being able to solve them.

I published a random file and when I go to see the details in the Queue list, all my indexes are updated (when was a news my news indexes were updated and so on) less buscaPrincipalOnlineTESTE .
Probably the log "error while updating index... time out" would be shown but I didn't wait.

Any ideas list?
Thank you.

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I'm glad to hear of the success! :-)

Kind Regards,

Deiverson Silveira

2011/5/18 Jeniffer Bastos de Souza <jeniffer.souza at itlab.com.br<mailto:jeniffer.souza at itlab.com.br>>
Hi Deiverson.

I'm not using a custom index.

It's just a simple index implemented by CmsVfsIndexer.

That another suggestion that you gave, out of the email list, I assume as my correction.

I created another index and rebuild it.
Maybe with the crash of database server some tables/registers could be corrupted. So the reference for this indexes could be damage or lost. I can't be sure because de database is administrated by other team and we don't talk too much, unfortunately.

Thanks for helping me!

The Brazilian
Official Provider OpenCms

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