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Jeniffer Bastos de Souza jeniffer.souza at itlab.com.br
Wed May 18 19:43:26 CEST 2011

I Joseph, thanks for reply.

My rebuild mode was already set to auto.

I created a new index for my main search and set this "force unlock" to always.

I tested and seems to be running fine.

Just to test, I decided to use the main search with the old index, the problematic one.
It's running fine too.

It puzzles me.

The main search became out for a week or less and now when I test it works fine. It's just "auto fixed"?

Anyway, I'll follow up this situation. If the old index start to act strange I'll change for the new one with this configuration.

Thank you!

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Hello Jenifer,

Into the OpenCms administration => Search management

- Check the settings (index sources ...) of buscaPrincipalOnLineIndex and buscaPrincipalOffLineIndex
- check the rebuild mode of buscaPrincipalOnLineIndex and buscaPrincipalOffLineIndex and set it to auto if it's not the case


You can also make a change to the opencms-search.xml file to force OpenCms to remove a lock on the search index even when doing an incremental indexing.

By replacing the line




and restart tomcat after the change.

Kind regards

On 17/05/2011 23:08, Deiverson Silveira wrote:
Hi Jeniffer,

Try test with index default CmsVfsIndexer, If the same problem occurs! You can a real need to use this index custom? Perhaps with the CmsVfsIndexer resolved.

Seu tomcat/postgresql/JVM está usando tunning?!

Recomendo postar no http://www.solutioncms.com/forum o problema, que o pessoal pode ajudar!


Deiverson Silveira

The Brazilian
Official Provider OpenCms

2011/5/17 Jeniffer Bastos de Souza <jeniffer.souza at itlab.com.br<mailto:jeniffer.souza at itlab.com.br>>
Hi everyone.

I hope you guys can help me.

I have a main search in my site where the visitant can search anything that he want.
All my documents, files and other things in VFS are indexed in a index called buscaPrincipalOnLineIndex and buscaPrincipalOffLineIndex.


When any user tried to publish any document that uses the main index I received this message:
Updating search index "buscaPrincipalOffLineIndex"
( 1 ) Indexing file /sites/default/turismo/multimidia/radio_turismo/20110510.html ...
failedTimeout while indexing file /sites/default/turismo/multimidia/radio_turismo/20110510.html, abandoning thread
... finished updating search index "buscaPrincipalOffLineIndex"

It happened with online and offline index. This log is just an example.

Sometimes I just selected both indexes and rebuild them. Everything go back to normal. But the problem got bigger and besides not updating the index, Tomcat was not responding any request related with the main search. And this search is very demanded. After a small period of time Tomcat gets overloaded and crashes.

What could it be? My client request to remove the main search from the site, so I don't get any log to show. (The problem disappears)

I remember that the logs pointed to an error when executing a select statement.

I attached a print screen, maybe it can help.

Would the database or one of it's tables/registers corrupted?
Windows could lock the index files?

I can't restart Windows or repair the tables because the environment where OpenMCS runs is on my client and I don't have full access and all permissions to do that.

My site runs on:
Windows Server 2008;
Java 6;
Tomcat 6.0.20;
OpenCMS 7.5.2;
Postgres 8.4.5;

Thanks in advance.

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