[opencms-dev] Eclipse WebDAV access problem in OpenCms 8.0

Enrico Ballarin Dolfin enrico at sed.ethz.ch
Wed May 18 11:13:33 CEST 2011


with OpenCms 7.5.3 using Eclipse we have developed several "template two" 
based modules that use Java beans.
It was possible to set breakpoints in the Java code as well in the JSP and to 
debug them in eclipse using the WebDAV functionality.

Now having installed OpenCms 8.0.0 on another computer, we are trying to port 
there those modules, changing them where needed, to use template3.

After having installed the eclipse WebDAV plugin, it's possible to open the 
SiteExplorer view, to create there a WebDAV TargetSite and to open the 
connection, browsing successfully through the VFS module files.

But trying to import with WebDAV the VFS module files into the src folder of 
the eclipse project, I'm getting an error dialog telling "Unexpected end of 
After dismissing the dialog with OK, another dialog opens telling
"An error occurred while determining the resources to be included in this 
operation" with the details: java.lang.NullPointerException.

It's strange, because the WebDAV connection in the eclipse SiteExplorer view 
works, but not the importing of the VFS module files into the eclipse project 

Beside this everything works well.

Any idea how to solve the problem?

The working 7.5.3 environment is:
- OpenCms 7.5.3
- Tomcat 6
- Eclipse 3.6.1
- WebDAV plugin "Eclipse FTP and WebDAV Support 

The new 8.0.0 environment is:
- OpenCms 8.0.0
- Tomcat 7
- Eclipse 3.6.2
- WebDAV plugin "Eclipse FTP and WebDAV Support 

Many thanks!

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