[opencms-dev] Expected behaviour ADE?

Fabian Huschka fhsubscriptions at componio.net
Mon May 16 11:54:59 CEST 2011


we are tossing around the ADE schema options and discovered a strange

1.) Within the container schema for the formatter only a type is defined
without min- and maxwidth.
2.) A container in the page template with <somename> and the type
defined in the formatter is added.

If you now try to add the element through ADE, OpenCms does not show the
drop zone (the animated red dashed line) for the container.
However as soon as you add a large enough width attribute to the
container node within the container page template the drop zone is
visible (in our case has the width has to be greater than 179px ?!?)

The same behaviour can be seen at the template III engine. You can move
a config container from the footer to the header drop zone and vice
versa but you cannot add a NEW config container to the footer/header via
drag and drop.

Is this a bug or does it work as designed?

Many thanks,


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