[opencms-dev] [OpenCms 8] Container configuration Properties

Fabian Huschka fhsubscriptions at componio.net
Sat May 14 00:46:32 CEST 2011

Hi Tobias,

as far as I can tell one has the option to specify a settings section for a
container within its XSD. However I have no idea which options are available for
"widget-config", "widget" and "type" - e.g.:

    <setting name="<key>" nice-name="<some label>" type="<???>" widget="<???>"
widget-config="<???>" />

Looking at property_value_choice.xsd within
/system/modules/org.opencms.ade.containerpage/schemas/ with

    <xsd:element name="FileList" type="OpenCmsAlkaconVfsFileList" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="1" />
    <xsd:element name="String" type="OpenCmsString" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" />

I believe the field "type" for a setting accepts either "string" or "filelist" -
is this right? Which values exist for the field "widget"?
If boolean, date, color and so on are available I am happy otherwise as written
earlier I would love to see them :-). Is "opencms-xmlcontent.xsd" somewhere
available other than extracting it during runtime?

Thanks for your help,


Am 13.05.11 16:30, schrieb Tobias Herrmann:
> Hi Fabian,
> I'm not sure if I got your point.
> You would like to be able to set some kind of property to a container within the container page XML. And these properties would be persisted within the XML. Is that right?
> We have got something similar and call it element settings. They can be assigned to an element within a container, they are persisted within the container page XML and can be configured within the resource type schema of the element. Several widgets are available to set the value of those settings 
> within the container page editor. Have a look at the article resource type within the demo to see how they work.
> Greetings, Tobias
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> Am 13.05.2011 13:14, schrieb Fabian Huschka:
>>   Hi,
>> we have already successfully migrated a good part of our modules to
>> OpenCms 8 to get an idea of how GREAT the new release is.
>> Again congratulations to Alkacon for having delivered the goods - even
>> though we ran into some bugs and strange system behaviours but hey -
>> nobody is perfect.
>> However we have a strong suggestion for the next release. Since
>> containers and the container concept enable the community to share
>> modules rather easily I would love to see an extension to the
>> configuration properties of a container within the container page.
>> We at componio have a standardized "configlet" which enabled us to
>> assign configurations to componio content containers. A configlet
>> basically can hold almost any type of OpenCms data primitives (boolean,
>> plaintext, html, VfsFile, color, date).
>> Could Alkacon extend the configuration with at least key:boolean-list,
>> key:category-list and key:date-list? Otherwise we would have to link to
>> a configlet which needs to be created before editing content with the
>> ADE thus loosing all the benefits of OpenCms 8.
>> May be we missed something and there is another approach to solve this.
>> Otherwise we do not want to have meta information (e.g. number of tags
>> to show) mixed with the content (e.g. the tags of the tagcloud) in the
>> same container file.
>> Of course we could extend the nested content ourselves however this
>> would lead to a broken module installation on any third party system
>> without patching the nested content on this system as well.
>> What do you think?
>> \Fabian
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