[opencms-dev] [OpenCms 8] Container configuration Properties

Fabian Huschka fhsubscriptions at componio.net
Fri May 13 13:14:53 CEST 2011


we have already successfully migrated a good part of our modules to
OpenCms 8 to get an idea of how GREAT the new release is.
Again congratulations to Alkacon for having delivered the goods - even
though we ran into some bugs and strange system behaviours but hey -
nobody is perfect.

However we have a strong suggestion for the next release. Since
containers and the container concept enable the community to share
modules rather easily I would love to see an extension to the
configuration properties of a container within the container page.
We at componio have a standardized "configlet" which enabled us to
assign configurations to componio content containers. A configlet
basically can hold almost any type of OpenCms data primitives (boolean,
plaintext, html, VfsFile, color, date).
Could Alkacon extend the configuration with at least key:boolean-list,
key:category-list and key:date-list? Otherwise we would have to link to
a configlet which needs to be created before editing content with the
ADE thus loosing all the benefits of OpenCms 8.
May be we missed something and there is another approach to solve this.
Otherwise we do not want to have meta information (e.g. number of tags
to show) mixed with the content (e.g. the tags of the tagcloud) in the
same container file.
Of course we could extend the nested content ourselves however this
would lead to a broken module installation on any third party system
without patching the nested content on this system as well.

What do you think?


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