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Thu Apr 28 12:40:48 CEST 2011

I'm no expert, but performed an evaluation (towards migration) myself.
OpenCms is basically a Servlet by itself (see web.xml) - so, you could configure it to run with other servlets or even with a framework like struts - however, I do not recommend it because of different problems you may have with LIB ambiguity and a lot of folders/files to maintain.  
I'd recommend to have two seperate web-apps, put your servlet container behind an HTTP server (e.g. apache) and then according to the URL, direct to the appropriate web-app (proxy).
This is how we implemented the migration gradually.

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 20:22:30 +0500
From: nazakatqureshi at gmail.com
To: opencms-dev at opencms.org
Subject: [opencms-dev] Please help me out

I am new in Opencms, and we are in the processes of evaluating the different CMS, So far we love opencms, its very good. But before going for final sections of cms I have following queries, I will be really thankful if you can provide a detail description of my Following Queries.
1-      We are trying to revamp already developed site, it’s an huge ecommerce site and we want to move the site step by step into the cms.  Existing site is basically pure Servlet and jsp base application, in the first phase we are looking to move the static pages and admin module for product management into the cms. And for this purpose I want to move the Cms as a module to my Existing site.
a.       Is it possible?
b.      If possible then what should be the best way
c.       If I cms is like a components to our Existing site. Then how static pages can be linked to my Existing site. 
d.      What changes should be needed to modify the opencms for achieving this.
e.      If someone already done something like that please share with me.
f.        If someone already have springMVC based sample module then please send me the link, so that we can quickly check. It will be very helpful for us for making the quick decision.
We are running out of time, so please guide us so that we can make some decision. And I am sure all these capabilities are there in opencms. But just for the sake of confident I am trying to clarifies myself.  We spent lot time of magnolia, dotcms, alfresco but at the last week we found that opencms is much better than any other. That’s is the reason I have asked all these question at once, because we are really out of time for cms selections, but we don’t have time to test each and every thing. 
Thanks in Advance.
Nazakat Ali
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