[opencms-dev] trim whitespaces from jsp template

Tobias Mantsch t.mantsch at easysport.de
Fri Apr 8 12:38:45 CEST 2011

Hi robert,


I think you misunderstood my comment. I just wanted to show you how you
have to use the <% %> markers to avoid whitespaces. The directive was
not intended to have an effect, i just copied it from your email, to
have content to put between the jsp braces J Better example:


<% @page import="java.util.Date"%><%

@page import="java.util.Calendar"%><%

// do something in scriptlet code %>


The important part is the positioning of the scriptlet delimiters





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Hi Tobias, hi Florian,




I cannot use this directive because my JSP Version is 2.0 as this
directive is only Version 2.1




I inlcuded this:




















within my gloabl web.xml under the conf-directory of the tomcat but
there are still many blank lines within my HTML-Code.




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