[opencms-dev] Template property wiped when using Internet Explorer

Luc Feys lfeys at reference.be
Wed Mar 31 13:36:14 CEST 2010

Hello Andy,

Thanks for your reply. You were right: there were two 'template' properties with different case. I just tried it: deleted the 'Template' property and it seems to work. Internet explorer is no longer confused.

I still wonder where the other 'Template' property was coming from. I have never noticed it on any other projects. I think it got introduced by importing a 'Template One' module, which we needed to investigate for optimizations. Because when I deleted the 'Template' property, it warned me about resources in that 'Template One' module using that property. And that's the only time ever I worked with 'template one' and also the only time ever I noticed this issue (and we have already 10+ opencms projects up and running). So I assume Template one is guilty.

Kind regards,

Luc Feys

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010, Luc Feys wrote:

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> Subject: [opencms-dev] Template property wiped when using Internet Explorer
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> Hello,
> We are experiencing strange behaviour in the OpenCms workplace with Internet explorer on openCms 7.5.x.
> When we open the 'Advanced Properties' view of any content item with IE6, IE7 or IE8, the 'template' property is empty (but the checkbox next to the input field is still checked).
> If we do the same thing with Firefox, the template property still has the value it is supposed to have.
> This is independent of the user that is logged in. It occurs for the Admin user too.
> In opencms 7.0.5 this does not occur.
> Did anyone experience a similar problem? Or could anyone think of a reason what is special about the template property, that might be causing this behavior? The values of the other properties remain untouched.
> Thank you for the help.
> Kind regards,
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Andy Savin wrote:
> Hi,
> We do occasionally see this problem (using 7.0.4).  There seems to be 2 
> template properties (template and Template).  IE seems to occassionally 
> switch the value to the one with the capital T which obvisouly doesn't 
> work.
> Deleting the extra property might help but I don't know if it is used 
> anywhere.
> Does anyone know if there is a list of what all the properties are used 
> for as there does seem to be rather alot most of which don't seem to be 
> used?
> Andy


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Hi Andy,

kind of a documentation is in the javadoc:



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