[opencms-dev] Internal flag, property internal error

Rüdiger Kurz r.kurz at alkacon.com
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the internal flag is a flag stored on the resource entries in the DB
(RESOURCE_FLAGS). It can be set with the permission dialog or the 
advanced -> Secure/Export dialog. This flag has nothing to do with the 
"internal" property. The internal property has never been used for this 

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Am 26.03.2010 13:43, schrieb Paul-Inge Flakstad:
> Hello everyone
> I'm experiencing a weird problem on a 7.5.1 system, upgraded from 7.5.0
> shortly after the release of 7.5.1. The system runs on a Tomcat/MySQL setup.
> I had flagged some resources as internal, by setting the property
> "internal" to "true". Prior to the upgrade I believe everything was
> fine, but now, when editing the properties, no value is displayed for
> the "internal" property. The files that were flagged as internal now
> always produce the error message, "Failed to read resource
> "/resource/name/here.html". It is only available for internal access
> operations", even if I set internal=false.
> Likewise, if I try to flag a new file as internal, it will never produce
> said error message. It seems like the "internal" property is utterly
> ignored.
> This is a major problem, as I need to make certain files inaccessible.
> This problem is not mentioned in the fix list for 7.5.2, as far as I can
> tell.
> Any clues as to how I might be able to fix it?
> Best regards,
> Paul
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