[opencms-dev] tool handler depending on session attributes

Michael Moossen m.moossen at alkacon.com
Fri Mar 19 12:17:40 CET 2010

Hi Nacho!

the I_CmsToolHandler was sometime refactored to also provide the 
isVisble(CmsWorkplace) and isEnabled(CmsWorkplace) methods just because 
of scenarios like yours.

if you implement these methods the isVisible(CmsObject) and 
isEnabled(CmsObject) wont be called anymore. (see 

once you have the wp instance you can access to the session with: 


Nacho Fernández Orellana wrote:
> Hi list. I've been trying to write a new tool handler that enables some 
> tools depending on a certain session attribute. As far as I've tried, 
> this is not possible as the only parameter is a CmsObject. I've also 
> tried passing the session attribute as a parameter in the 
> admintoolhandler-args without success (invalid scope exception thrown).
> Does someone know if what I'm trying to do is possible? Thanks in advance.
> Greetings,
> Nacho Fernandez.
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