[opencms-dev] Editing in /system/shared

Mario Jäger m.jaeger at alkacon.com
Thu Feb 25 10:38:16 CET 2010

Hi Ludwig,

I want to reproduce your problem. That is why I have the following questions:

Do your users only belong to the one group with the write permissions on the folder /system/shared/content?

Which OpenCms User Roles have your users? 

Which parent group has the group with the write permissions on the folder /system/shared/content?

Kind Regards,
Mario Jäger
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Ludwig schrieb:
> Hello everybody,
> I have created a folder /system/shared/content with some files in it.
> My aim is that users from different organizational units are able to edit these files.
> Therefor I created a group, added all necessary users to the group and gave write permission etc. for this group on /system/shared/content. Further more I added /system/shared/content to the resources of the user's org. unit.
> Unfortunately the users are not able to edit the files in content/. In the menu for each file below content/ there are no editing options.
> What's the reason? How to fix that?
> Thanks a lot & nice Weekend!
> Ludwig
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