[opencms-dev] DownloadGalleryWidget: Change (selected) default gallery

Legasa Xabier Xabier.Legasa at panoptic.biz
Tue Feb 9 13:49:44 CET 2010

Hi everybody !

Does anybody know how could I configure  the default selected gallery in a  DownloadGalleryWidget  dialog ? (used to upload a file into a download gallery)

User John its allowed to upload stuff to gallery /gallery/A and /gallery/B .  At this moment selected gallery at DownloadGalleryWidget  dialog by default is always A. How can I make that from the page documents.html the selected gallery is A and from a different page news.html the default selected gallery in the widget is B ?


In the direct-edit feature, I edit a lets say personalDoc which layout is a DownloadGalleryWidget. But because the user is allowed to upload stuff to different  galleries, I need to specify in the direct-edit button or somewhere, which is the default gallery for this resource. This is my personalDoc.xsd file:

<xsd:element name="Resource" type="OpenCmsVfsFile" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"/>
                        <layout element="Resource" widget="DownloadGalleryWidget"/>

Any idea there ?

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