[opencms-dev] Upgrading FCK Editor in older version of OpenCms

Dylan Milks DMilks at greenridge.ca
Thu Feb 4 16:43:27 CET 2010



How can I upgrade the FCK editor in version 6.2.2 of OpenCms?


I've exported the FCK editor from OpenCms 7.5.2, modified the
manifest.xml file so that the import would be successful, removed the
old FCK editor module from 6.2.2 and imported the new one.  However,
when I attempt to edit pages, I get a lot of JavaScript errors referring
to the opencms object.


Is this the right approach for upgrading the editor?  If not, how should
I do this (or can it even be done)?


Any direction on how to do this would be appreciated.



- Dylan

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