[opencms-dev] URL Mapping for OpenCms on WebSphere

Dylan Milks DMilks at greenridge.ca
Mon Feb 1 21:02:06 CET 2010



I'm having a problem getting OpenCMS to map to the right URL.  The path
I want to access it is: http://localhost:9081/opencms/system/login.
However, I can only access it fully working through:


The problem I'm having is that when I change the context root of the
OpenCms application from "/opencms.war" to "/", the images and CSS of
the login page aren't found.  Nor can I login because the form submits
to /opencms.war/opencms/system/login/index.html.  When I view the source
of the page, the paths to the resources (images, css, js, etc) still
have the prefix of "/opencms.war".  For example:


How can I get rid of the "/opencms.war"?  I have changed the context
path to "/" and restarted the app server.  What else must be updated?


Please note that I am using OpenCMS 7.5.2 on a WebSphere 7 server.  But
I suspect that the behavior of WebSphere 7 is similar to 6.1.  I'm
thinking that this problem can probably occur on just about any app
server and that the solution is the same for all servers.




- Dylan

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