[opencms-dev] Structured content problem

Ludwig ludwig.hunecke at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 1 15:32:18 CET 2010

Hi Yves,

this "news" reference is defined in the /WEB-INF/config/opencms-modules.xml config file.

<type class="org.opencms.file.types.CmsResourceTypeXmlContent" name="mitcontentpage" id="18006">

The mitcontentpage is such a reference.

One thing: If you enable editing for this collector, I had serious trouble with using "/fr/news" without a file name pattern like "/fr/news/news_%(number).html". In my case the missing file name pattern resulted in a serious data loss. After adding content I got an error message "File already exists" and then the duplicated file got deleted. I still can reproduce this problem.

Hope this helps you.

All the best,
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Am 01.02.2010 um 15:14 schrieb Yves Glodt:

> Hi,
> I have trouble setting up a collector. My news items show up correctly with their template and the editor also dislpays them correctly.
> The problem I have is with:
> <cms:contentload collector="allInFolderPriorityDateDesc" param="/fr/news/|news|3" editable="true">
> The second value of the "param" (news) should be defined where? I understand it should refer to my news.xsd but fail to see where I can add its reference...
> I followed this document btw:
> http://www.bng-galiza.org/opencms/opencms/alkacon-documentation/documentation_xmlcontent/step1-simplexsd.html
> http://www.bng-galiza.org/opencms/opencms/alkacon-documentation/documentation_xmlcontent/step6-displaydetails.html
> best regards,
> yves
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